Tuesday, January 5, 2010

it's all about you!

assalamualaikum and hi.

i got class at 8 till 11 this morning.at 9, when i was giving lecture about assault and battery, this one student knocked the door and with guilt entered the class.thanks bro, i do appreciate your attendance even though it was the second hour of the lecture!well, at least you did come.

the scenario above is not new to me.it happens from time to time.again, please come to class even its already late.but please do not take it that i encourage students to be late.if the same person is doing the same thing again and again, you will get a lesson that you will remember for quite some time in your life!!

last posting was about positive attitude.one of two things that i mention before was about mind-setting of a student.remember, as a student, you need to behave and act like one!no late for class, no sleep in class, no etc....so many no la madame!

one of the biggest hurdles that you need to pass is to pass exam successfully.But the key to this is to study effectively. To study effectively and to pass examinations excellently, the most important resource that you have is you.

You are by now an exam passer. To get to this level (pre-university/university) you have been studying and passing examinations. Not only can you do it, you did it well. You are one of those outstanding students, and you have been selected on the basis that you passed examination excellently.
Because you are among the chosen ones, there are qualifications waiting for you. There is the expectation that, on your track record to date, you will succeed. There are a lot of people believe in you. Remember, you can win! You can achieve your dreams!

Say to yourself, in all honesty, "I CAN DO IT"! AND I CAN DO IT WELL!!

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