Saturday, January 2, 2010

positive attitude


i actually dedicated this to all my students.hopefully this can benefit you all.i was thinking, what should i write first???hmmmm..then it comes to my mind that i should write about positive attitude.i believe that positive attitude in learning the most important issue that i deal as a teacher.thanks to many of my students who motivate me to do my level best everyday.

since the first class, i've been telling my students that they should aim to be an "exemplary, extraordinary students". but how?

ok.keep reading.what i write here is my personal serves as advice. you may leave it, no obligation to accept is based on my experience of teaching for nearly 5 years, handling personal and academic issues of my students.

well, the first step of becoming an "exemplary, extraordinary students" one must first have a correct and positive attitude.

fisrt, build in you an intent to succeed. no matter who you are, where you from, what you have been through in life before, believe that you can do it.other people can. it is humanly possible!

second, prepare yourself.set your mind that you are a are not yet a lawyer, magistrate, judge, legal executive or anyone that you want to be in future. you are at present a law student. it means that you have to attend class/lectures, tutorials and you have to sit for exams! and you must pass the examinations successfully.who says that exams are not important??anyone?remember, if you skip classes, or sleep during lectures there's nothing right about what you are doing. baed on my experience as a teacher and a student (not long time ago), reading on our own is not enough. we still need teacher to guide us.

thirdly...we'll continue later.remember these two things: intent to succeed and mind-setting of a students.

this is merely and advice.take it or leave it?it's all your choice.

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