Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Choosing a career path.


dealing with students almost everyday makes me think that it is important to decide your future and work towards it. in short you have to got plan for future or you should plan for future. i got students, who after a few semesters decided that they do not want to do law. law is just not their cup of tea!and they decided to change course after they faced a few failures in law papers? of course it is demotivating to fail a few times and it is troublesome procedurally also. so how to avoid this from happening to you?

i am sharing my opinion on this matter hoping that it helps our young brothers and sisters out there who might be thinking a lot now about pursuing studies. what course to choose? which uni/college? overseas or local? the list of wh questions continues! perhaps, this also can be useful to parents (who actually think more on this subject matter!, in positive way)

you are indeed very fortunate if you got offered to do what you want to do soooo eagerly!this happens normally when you secure excellent result that put you in safe zone!(no comptetition)however, thats always not the case with everyone.

sometimes you got offer to do what you most unlikely want to do. for example you wish to pursue reading law, but rather you were offered to do science matriculation programme. you are always dreaming about becoming advocate or solicitor, sort of those glam people in legals series you watch on TV. but what is frustrating that those dreams are no more possible.

you are now in deep dilemma! at this young age, you have to decide on important decision, probably the most important in your life.

At this juncture, sit with your parents.ask for their opinion. see what are other options available. what are other ways that you and parents can work to pursue your dream? if you turn down that offer, would you be able to choose what you want?or if given try, is it possible that you will like and succeed in doing the course offered to you?

personally, it's gonna be difficult if you are forcing yourself to do what you really do not like to do.i'm imagining myself doing engineering or nursing programme! o God, please. that would be a total mess!!

you should be asking those questions above, so that you will not making immature decision. some students decide prematurely without actually know what is it that they like to do. i got an e-mail from unknown spm leaver who some sort of "appealing" (better term than begging) me to help her to do law at my uni. (not my posession, but where i work)

what you guys need to remember that interest alone is not sufficient. your interest is nested maybe because those limited info that you gained from TV series and so on. i have students who choose to do law because of prestige, want to make a lot of money, can dress "styloly" (sorry for the wrong term), and all baseless reasons! and these students (not all) did not even score in the law papers.

today, everyone wants to become a doctor so that they are gonna have a bright future, can secure job, have a prestigous life so on so forth. but do they really think that they can survive the years in uni/college. can they bear the unlimited pressureds during housemanship? there are real cases of students who failed in their university days and some who gave up during the final step before becoming a doctor. they cannot tolerate the pressure!and some ended up as a psychotic patient!

i am a living example of the opposite situation. initially, law is not my first choice.i'd rather doing something else. but my parents decided that i should put law as my first option, which i did. i enrolled to IIUM with mixed feelings. but later, i decided to give it a try and open myself to it. alhamdulillah, i managed to skip one year and finish my matriculation early than others. Now, here i am. it is not a big success, but at least i am a normal human being who is still struggling to find happiness in world and hereafter.

that is why i would like to advise you all bro and sista to ask for adults opinion before you decide to accept/reject the offer. those adults could be your parents, brothers/sisters, families, teachers and others. consider their info and opinions to make a conclusion. sometimes you may not like to do something but it is good for you.

interest should come with hardwork. that is the recipe for success.Aptitude + Attitude. if you have a high taste, remember! it demands a hardwork.

my stomach is crying for food.got to go.

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